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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mocca Domino

Mocca Domino, an iPhone/iPod card game, with a stunning multiple game plays and is highly enjoyable, ---many People who have been enjoying the game say they can never get bored.

A cute graphic and beautiful card images and themes make the game more fun. The variation of game plays suits those who love strategic game as well as those who love arcade. This game is also nice for educational purpose. Good for kids and grown ups. As far as I concern, this game is way too cool for everyone not to enjoy. A really must have for your iPhone/iPod.

This game consists of 5 nice game plays, 3 strategics and 2 arcades.

In strategic game plays, the human player must fight against 3 non-human player, actually they are intelligent animals; Marge-a very beautiful and smart hen from South Carolina, Blake-a cunning and pride British cat, and Bernard-an innocent and kind-hearted cow from Niece, French. Though they look cute and okay, they are actually dangerous and very intelligent.

Each player must put their virtual cash as bet. The scores come from the bet. If the player don't have enough cash to put the bet, he/she can play the arcade game to gain some money.

1. Block Domino

This is a simple block domino game play. Each player, holding 7 cards, must put his card to match the left or the right most open tile. He who firstly runs out the card wins. A player may block other player by his/her card so other can't move. Player's good strategy is needed to win the game.

2. Guess Domino

This is a guess-matching game. Each player must put his/her card into the table, guessing to match 4 'closed' target cards. Each closed card gives the player score when matches. Strategy combined with good luck delivers the winning. Test your luck and strategy in this game. If you wins many from the game play in one day, you surely know your level of fortune for the day.

3. Blackjack Domino

Three target numbers and each player holding cards with each card representing 2 numbers. A player puts 2 of his cards in each round to so the total number matches each target number as close as he can. He/She who has 'total closest', wins. A player can also raise his bet in the middle of the game.

4. Poof the card

An arcade game, which a human player fights to gain some virtual cash, with target moving cards. A player must throw his card to the moving cards. If the position is right and one of player's card tile matches one of the moving card's tile, the moving card will form a line. A player must from a 'match' line to win. This is a full high concentration game that will burst anyone's brain.

5. Shoot the birds

A player must shoot some evil flying birds which hold some cards, with some scattered cards on the ground. A shot bird will throw its card to the ground. A 'match' falling card will make a scattered card disappear. A player must make all the scattered card disappear as fast as he can, because some more evil birds don't hold cards with them, but bombs that will destroy the human player's canon. And some 'lesser evil' bird hold a 'useless' card which give you no score, but if it falls, it will add the scattered.

Statistic and Publish Score

In this game, you can publish your score to global board, compare your total cash gain to other players, see if you are really that good.

You can also transfer cash you gain from Arcade game plays (Poof the card and Shoot the birds) in to your bet money used in Strategic ones.


There are currently 4 themes in this game, each with its background picture, sound and card images. You can choose one of the themes, giving you an experience of different feel of environment. You may play your game at the beach, or at night at a cabin, or at the afternoon cafe with jazzy sense, or you can play it in the wood.

Card suits

Another cool thing about this game is that you may select the suits used in your game play, there are basic 6 - 6 set of suit---which is a basic 0 to 6 tile combinations domino cards, or if you like it to be more fun and challenging, you may include cards with royal tiles (King , Queen, Jack) combination.

And not only that, you can choose to use standard domino dots images for the tiles, or icons from selected theme. The default is icons from selected themes.

Final Review

At most Mocca Domino game owns the quality of level 1 game in the store. This is designed and made for people who needs challenges and for people who just want to spend their free times. So see what we will get next in the game. They may surprise us all.

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